This time last year: defining ZEN

Out of curiosity, I decided to take a trip back thru time (by way of my quilt blog) to see where I was, what I was doing and what I was thinking at this time last year, a Wednesday in the middle of September. Here is what I had to say about “what Zen means to me”:

“Peace through understanding and acceptance. Truly embracing the moment. 1900_nekked_cyclistMindfulness to the task at hand and the people around you.

“Seeing that where you are is good and with God. Allowing yourself to be led to new destinations and giving yourself over to an appreciation of the pathway and a willingness to explore it’s turnings.

“Surrounding yourself with your work, your dreams, your purpose and immersing yourself in the joy of it. Believing in the importance of each step you take and each smile give. Loving yourself and the world enough to honor forgiveness for steps not taken, smiles not given.

“Contemplating life and fear and love and war and peace and sadness and continuing to find God in it all.”

~Kimberly Mason, Active Contemplate, Zen Quilter

Huh, interesting. And ya gotta love the wine-drinking half-nekked lady on the bike…

~ by Kimberly Mason on September 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “This time last year: defining ZEN”

  1. What a wonderful writing Kim… and I think the photo goes with it perfectly! :c)

  2. I do love the wine-on-a-bike look. Very, well, zennish. The definition sounds a lot like the life to which I aspire, some of which I manage to achieve a decent percentage of the time. The joy thing is hard for me, either because my joy gene is impaired or life just keeps throwing me curves that knock me of that darn bike.

  3. Darn, darn darn!! I am on a laptop so I can’t print that out!! Excellent message for me!! I am here, in my living room, typing on the laptop while one kitten is curled up next to me, the laundry is buzzing downstairs and the sun is poking out at the Jersey shore. God is ok with me as I am and where I am.

    Love your posts- have you thought about professionally writing a devotional, with your lovely pictures? I would definitely buy it as it feels like you are writing directly for me! Thank you again for sharing your inner world! (Mine is recovering from a day in NYC going to bead, trim and yarn stores with my daughter in law and her mom and friend.) A trip in a taxi puts one in another universe!

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