The Holding Cross


This is a gift that I just received from a Dear Friend, one for me and one a friend who has a very ill mother and a husband who just had surgery to remove a very scary pair of tumors. I am awestruck by Her generosity and I have been rendered nearly speechless (quite a feat for me!).

Thank you, my Dear Friend, you have touched many hearts and will continue to touch mine as I carry this cross with me!

Something wonderful happens when you put this cross into your hands, I watched it happen over and over. I would show the cross to a friend, telling the story of where it came from, they look at it like, “Huh, now that’s a funny shape…” and their brows come together, a puzzled tilt of the head and then they reach out to take the cross from my hand as I say, “Just hold it for a second, then you’ll see…”

And then when they put it in their hands, their face changes, softens, their shoulders visibly drop and a sort of goofy, happy smile lights up their faces. Yes, their faces, because that very same thing happened with each and every person I showed my cross to.

As soon as they hold the cross, they “get it”. It’s beautiful to watch.

If you would like your own Holding Cross, go to I don’t know these people and I don’t profit when they profit. I hate to sound like an advertisement here, but when you find something good, you share it with those you love.

~ by Kimberly Mason on September 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Holding Cross”

  1. I’ve seen these before – very cool!

  2. So glad to see that they made it to you safely and that they are already working their magic. They ARE powerful, and bring so much peace. Hugs and peace to you my friend.

  3. that looks like Jayne’s hand! I keep my holding cross in the car–it is wonderful to hold it while sitting in traffic, or waiting somewhere or for someone. Time otherwise spent frivolously is put to divine use. There’s nothing like it.

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