Holy Moments


The sunrise was spectacular this morning, and while I was busy trying to capture the beauty of the red sun with my camera, three different flocks of geese circled in to land in the field across from my house.

This flock was so close to me at one point I could hear their wings cutting through the silent air.

It was a truly Holy Moment. Thank you, God.

~ by Kimberly Mason on September 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Holy Moments”

  1. Such beauty all around us…

  2. Your list of quilting sites is juicy. I just sat and looked at Material Obession and had to wipe the drool off the key pad. Love a good blog that incites a person to create. I need to hang up my latest quilt to figure out how to place it and she had lots hanging.

    Having lived in Olympia ( now back to the Jersey Shore) that looked like Boone Ford in your blog. Car buying or truck buying Ithink is worse than buying a house. I wish you guys well and a wonderful “new” truck! (I will be making my last payment tomorrow!!! Right in time for my unemployment to kick in) Little mercies!

    • Little mercies indeed! The only thing better than making the first payment on a new vehicle is making the last one.

      About M.O….omgoodness I adore them!!! How do they come up with their style? It is so…I have no idea how to describe it. It’s just awesome.

  3. It looks like music.

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