Wisdom in Community

While I was busy standing on the edge of a nice little emotion meltdown  last night, a lovely and gently loving friend of mine was sending me a “Whassup?” email.

Maybe she didn’t know what she was getting herself in for when she sent that email, but I think she did. What she got back from me was a bullet-ed list of things “Whassup”, and none of it very nice.

Sometimes it’s nice just to have someone listen. Sometimes it’s nice just to have someone put their arm around your shoulders, walk with you a little way and say, “Yeah, I know, me too,” even it is only through the virtual reality of the internet.

And it’s even nicer when your friend can give you something to help: a word of wisdom, a call to follow your breath, a call to community, a call to take comfort.

And then, while holding on to that call and that breath, to be able to reach into your pocket and find another gift from another friend. Something to hold on to, an anchor to hold my body here while I let my spirit and breath rise up to meet each other.

But isn’t the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, like that? A kind of Virtual Reality? You call out in your distress, you feel like you are calling out to the air, out into space, into nothingness, and yet…there He is, with you.

“We do not walk this path of faith alone; we are accompanied by friends and family who are our sisters and brothers in Christ. We depend on one another and find in one another a wisdom no one of us can claim on our own.”d365.org

Who is your community of faith? Who do you open your heart to in times of crisis? Who can you depend upon to lift you up as you feel yourself sinking?

There is Wisdom in Community. Let us hold each other up…

“Suffering requires us to descend into ourselves. As there is no other way out, we are obliged to call on the power of the soul and spirit. When we succeed in doing so, instead of groaning and crying out in rebellion, we exhale a delicate perfume.” -Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wisdom in Community”

  1. I’m imagining sitting in the lotus position (imagining it, because I can’t actually do it), head bent slightly down, eyes closed, arms raised and palms up. That orans posture of prayer isn’t one I use in public (unless I’m celebrating, of course), but in private it rises from me naturally to invite the Spirit of God. I also imagine the Spirit alighting on my hands the way a bird might, and spiritual communion ensues.

    These days I’m not good about intentional community. Too many of my dearest wise companions and soul friends, the ones with whom I can be most open and vulnerable, are at a distance. I need to learn to invoke and invite their spirits as I do the divine breath. Yeah. That would really help.

    Glad you’re out there breathing wisdom Kim. Sometimes it’s in, sometimes it’s out. But you’re there. Thank God.

  2. Being able to reach out and reach in, and know that we are never alone… even in the darkest times, we find comfort. Like the old saying goes, “For those with faith, no explanation is needed. For those without, there is no explanation.”

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