Love Poems from God: Rabia of Basra


“…and He pinches me.”

That line never fails to make me laugh. “Pay attention, Kim!” I imagine God saying as he pinches me. His words and gentle nip startle me to awareness and I hastily look around, coming out of my daydream, wondering what’s expected of me.

The good news is that what is expected of me is just “the best I can.” Not perfection (not that I have it to give!), just love, just compassion. Just the best I can.

Have you heard of Rabia and her story? You can read her story here or here.

“Show me where it hurts, God said, and every cell in my body burst into tears before His tender eyes. He has repaid me though for all my suffering in a way I never wanted: The sun is now in homage to my face, because it knows I have seen God. But that was not His payment. The soul cannot describe His gift. I just spoke about the sun like that because I like beautiful words, and because it is true: Creation is in homage to us.” -Rabia of Basra

~ by Kimberly Mason on October 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Love Poems from God: Rabia of Basra”

  1. that pinching part is perfect. Better than God’s laughter, I think!

    • I can still picture my Grandma Frazier in church, leaning forward in the pew to whisper in her slow Southern drawl. in a misbehaving child’s ear, “I’m going to pinch your head off is you don’t sit still.” LOL She would scare the literal Holy Crap outta some poor kid…but let me tell ya, they sat still!

  2. Hi I just read your comment on Henri Nouwen, I hope you pursued him further. He is one of my favorite authors. He is so raw and available in his pages. Also, thanks for the encouraging words, God has been faithful and I am doing well. I pray the same for you.

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