Your Hair, Your Face


I have always, ALWAYS hated having my picture taken. But now? Now I don’t mind so much. Why? What has changed? I’ve certainly gotten more lop-sided as I’ve gotten older. My pores are larger, my lips and lashes are thinner, my chin and neck are, well, they’re just getting weird.

And look, one squinty eye. What is with my one squinty eye? When did that happen? But more importantly, let me ask you this: Do you love me any less because I have one squinty eye?

I’m not less self-conscious about having my picture taken because I’ve gotten prettier over the years. I’m less self-conscious because when I look at myself I say, “Hey, what’s not to love?” Don’t get me wrong, that self love doesn’t come easy…and sometimes it doesn’t come at all, but I try, I really really try to remember that God loves me. Just as I am.

And God doesn’t say, “I love you…just don’t let it go to your head.” God says, “I LOVE YOU!” So what’s not to love?

The next time you look in the mirror, smile at yourself. It’ll feel good. I promise. And the next time you look at someone else’s face — and let’s do this ALL day today — smile at that person, really LOOK at their face and think to yourself, God LOVES that face. God really LOVES that face. And that will make you feel good too.

And let me tell you something God told me today, He thinks you are really pretty when you smile. Really pretty.

~ by Kimberly Mason on October 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Your Hair, Your Face”

  1. You, my dear, are beautiful… inside and out, and have such deep wisdom, born of experience, to share. And yes, I am smiling. :c)

  2. YOU make me smile! Beautiful you!

  3. Here I am feeling ambivilent about a new haircut & you tell me God loves how I look! Thanks! Definitely made me smile!

  4. This post actually gave me chills!! Wonderful words! Just yesterday I told my sixteen year old dreadlocked daughter that after having painted the bathroom a clean bright white, I am going to send away for the words Hello Beautiful to put over the mirror. Cause we all are- the hard hard part is remembering that.

    Love the way your mind works and that you share it so freely!

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