The waiting & watching of Advent begins…

While this isn’t the best image of the morning, this is the one that speaks loudest to me and my morning’s struggle with Advent.

A quiet peace, a light that is struggling to push through and reveal the landscape. A foggy unknowing in the distance, and the majesty of the tree, front and center. Is this tree threatening or protective? Assuring or distracting? Does the sky give you a sense of foreboding or do you wonder at the glory revealed in light and shadow?

Where are you this Advent? What are you following? Who are you listening to? Have you taken the time to prepare for this season and this new year?

Advent is quickly unfolding. It is quietly pulling us into the darkness of winter. Will you be ready to welcome the light of Epiphany?

“Let us bless the Lord!”

~ by Kimberly Mason on November 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “The waiting & watching of Advent begins…”

  1. Thanks be to God!

  2. In the Episcopal tradition, Advent is a time for reflection and preparation for the second coming of Christ. Right now I am struggling with personal changes that are challenging both the present and my future. This year, in particular, I am setting aside more quiet time for meditation and prayer. I know that all will not be resolved in the four weeks of Advent but in withdrawing from some of the outside distractions surrounding the upcoming holiday, I feel a sense of certain peace.

  3. My family is not “buying” Christmas this year, which is such a gift, in and of itself. No pressure. No hussle and bussle of shopping where the season takes a back seat to consumerism. I am filled with more peace and contentment. Awaiting his coming. :c)

  4. Ah Advent – adventus – Latin for coming. I consider this time the Dark Ages before the Renaissance. I must say, Kim, I struggle with Advent for incredibly personal reasons. There are days between Thanksgiving and Epiphany that I claw through. I will attend the Parade and Mass for Guadalupe on Dec 12 before dawn. It is one of the few times I return to the Catholic church. As I always do, I will seek God in the tiniest places on Earth. As I always do, I will confess my sins and painfully open up to His hands to massage them still. I have some whoppers. As I always do, I will listen. Your tree, like gothic steeples, points my eyes heavenward. Some days when I look up, I feel small. Others I feel so big. Both emotions are equally humbling and joyous.

    Peace be with you.

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