New eyes to see

We tend to judge others through a lens that is colored by our own experience in our own lives. It’s a natural and normal thing to do, after all, and we have to make a special effort to see the world from another’s point of view.

As I was walking the hill yesterday morning, making my way through the trees, I thought back to a story that Big Man had told. He was getting his hair cut and the stylist asked him where he lives. He told her he lives out in the country. She asked if there are many trees on the farm. He told her there is about 40 acres of trees.

“Wow. You must rake a LOT of leaves!”

We laughed at that. To her leaves are something that you must rake up and throw away. Extra work, costly, ugly and causes problems with the neighbors if you don’t take care to get rid of them.

To us, leaves are the wonderful crunchy sounds under your feet as you walk through the woods. They nourish the soil and bring forth rich earth in their decay. They hide nuts and insects like happy treasures for our winged friends. Leaves aren’t a chore, they’re a gift.

It all depends on how you look at it.

Who do you know that is worth the extra effort it would take to understand them? Can you change the way you look at them? Can you see them with the heart and eyes of the Christ?


~ by Kimberly Mason on December 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “New eyes to see”

  1. LOL… yep, we rake 40 acres of leaves weekly.

    We should all make the extra effort to meet people where they are. :c)

  2. I adore your view. Mmmm…I long to smell this path in the morning light. This reminds me of a definition I heard of for sanctification – the draping of Jesus’ love over us so that the world and God sees us through the Holy Spirit’s eyes. Lovely image. Easier to apply to others for me. I always look for Him inside others and especially when I want to snap someone’s head like a string bean. Big smiles.

    As for leaves, everyone knows I rarely rake and rarely bag. Ask my neighbors. They have the city on speed dial. I’ll get a certified letter or visit shortly. Ha!

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