I’m a Sunrise Runner!

How did I not know this? How have I not discovered until today that I am a Sunrise Runner?

Even at 21 degrees, wearing two pairs of workout pants, a turtleneck, a hoodie, a fleece jacket, a scarf and a pair of gloves–I love it!

Oh, and the Christmas Oratorio by Saint-Saëns? Perfect traveling music! By the time I hit my fourth round of jogging and my high spirits had long since faded, in came No. 6 “Wherefore do the heathen claaaaa-mor?” Oh yeah!

And today, after my seventh round of jogging (I did six rounds on Saturday), as I was walking back to make my last attempt at the hill, a bald eagle (who I had heard call earlier and thought was a mere falcon) suddenly flew out of the trees and swooped and called as it flew in front of a ghostly moon. It felt like victory.

It WAS victory.

TODAY’S EXERCISE: 3.8 miles (1.18 miles jogging)

~ by Kimberly Mason on December 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “I’m a Sunrise Runner!”

  1. Wow – great job! I’m so used to facebook these days that I was looking for the “like” button LOL.

  2. I have to say that I am really enjoying the early morning walking too Kim. There is just something about starting your day off this way that gives me so much energy for the day. But in 20 degree weather? Not so sure…lol… I’ll stay in the basement!

  3. I am so impressed with you! But, oh, please, don’t make me join you — I am DEFINITELY not into exercise — running around on the stage is about all I can handle!

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