Finding Courage for a New Year

If you are reading this post today (Thursday, December 31, 2009) or even tomorrow (Friday, the first day of the New Year), then you are seeing a pair of eyes staring down at you from the header. If you are reading this post after today or tomorrow, scroll down to the end of the post to see the image, my image, staring at you. I won’t make you (or me) look at me for more than a couple of days.

You may find it a bit disturbing, I know I do. It’s normal to feel uneasy when you are forced to really look at yourself. Normal, but necessary. And, from time to time, it’s absolutely essential. Today, this month, this year, it is absolutely essential that I take a good, long, hard look at myself.

“The courage to be is the courage to accept oneself, in spite of being unacceptable.” –Paul Tillich

Courage is not something that we find once and thereafter are able to call upon it whenever we need it. Courage needs to be sought after and cultivated. You need to find the courage to face yourself, to face every day with integrity and kindness. You must search within yourself to find the love and mind of Christ and then you must use it. Courage doesn’t do anyone any good if you just sit in your own home and commune with your own courage. You must go out and use it, be it.

Where are you going with your Courage today?

~ by Kimberly Mason on December 31, 2009.

8 Responses to “Finding Courage for a New Year”

  1. I am going to cultivate the courage to pay attention to the roots of my relationship with food. Every time I delve into it I shy away. What’s in there to make me so afraid to look at it?

    It sounds to me like you are looking for courage for more serious things. I’ll be praying for you!

    • Be careful, dear DanaBug, not to minimize the importance of what you put into your body! I have a mother dealing with adult onset diabetes, a daughter headed down the same path and a serious lack of understanding that their lifestyle choices and eating habits as an issue or cause for their pain. And this has NOTHING to do with being smart. Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t just be happier with a few less brain cells…

      Anyway, I’ve been fit and I’ve been (am) fat and fit is a WHOLE lot more fun for mind and body! But we all know this, it’s just having the courage to meet it head on, right?

  2. My courage took me to the post office earlier today. I really detest going to the post office. It’s not there’s anything wrong with the place in and of itself, it’s just all the way across town, and traffic and ensuing lights are necessary encounters while going there. It just seems more effort than is worth for the transaction. I really need to learn to use the online postal gizmo. It would make me so much happier.

    But in the meantime I want to sign up as a enCOURAGEr. I’ve battled courage demons, and the day that I realized that I had won more battles than I had lost changed my life. Those demons are daunted by the fact that I tipped the scale, and their bravado is quite pale now that I’m not afraid to look at them. Anyway, I’ve got courage armor and I’m ready to get out of my chair and use it if that will help you any. Just know I’m here. Me and my courage as back-up. That’s what friends are for.

  3. I don’t pretend to know why you need courage, but whatever it is you are thinking of saying or doing, please know that you are not alone. I come from a long line of scaredy-cats, but what I’ve learned is that when I came to the point where I had to choose between fear and me, something stood beside me and helped me choose me. Don’t know if that makes sense — a longer conversation is probably in order to explain. Just know that you are NOT ALONE.

  4. Funny… I look into those eyes and see a very determined, brave woman looking at me? Not at all scary, but somehow confirming. All it takes is making the choice, no? We put one foot in front of the other and move forward, and as we go, things become much less scary. You are so much stronger than you think my friend. Warm, courageous hugs to you.

  5. After I left you, I went to visit Terry, and thought you’d enjoy her post today…

  6. Ah Friend. I’m just catching up. Courage is the word that came during prayer for me for 2010 also. Big sigh. Where am I going with it? Well, I have no stinking idea! I’ll have to let you know when I get there! slow smile.

    And I am not at all disturbed (such a word?!) by your eyes, by your face. I love them. I see courage and bravery here already, Kim. I see strength. I always have.

    Remember to be gentle with yourself. I am hugging you so completely from Alabama.

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