Go here now, read this:

The ZenHabits blog is a consistent favorite of mine. I subscribe to it so I can have the latest blog posts instantly delivered to my email in-box. Yup, he is just.that.good.

Unraveled? Here’s How to Knit Yourself
& the World Together

Go, read, breathe in, breathe out. Practice loving kindness for yourself and for others.

Namaste. (The divine light that is within me honors the divine light within you.)


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Go here now, read this:”

  1. Thanks for sharing that, there is good wisdom there. Know that I cherish you!

  2. I never knew that’s what namaste means! I LIKE it!

  3. It MAKES MY DAY to have a wonderful blogger quote from my book, Improv Wisdom. Thank you for mentioning the Circus Bow. It is very handy when stuff goes awry as it usually does. I just taught this to my Stanford class last night. So, hats off to making mistakes. TA-DA!!! Thank you so much.
    Patricia Ryan Madson

    • Oh my! How I /adore/ celebrity visits! And I do believe you are my first celebrity visit to my prayer blog (my quilt blog has seen a few)! Thank you for stopping in and thank you for this handy trick!

  4. Love the internet!! Love that its as simple as mentioning an author and they can contact you! Whoopee! That is exciting!

    And thanks for the tip about that that blog site!

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