Clowning Around & Catching Up

I haven’t posted about my journey through the “Catalysts for Change” e-course lately, but I’ve been too busy walking to do much talking about walking…and that’s a good thing, is it not?

Well, let me catch you up. I got left behind for a few days because I had:

  • (Thursday) spent a day playing with my new skin care products and getting my hair highlighted, and
  • (Friday & Saturday) was given an assignment from our local newspaper, The Chronicle, and that took one day to be scared to death and one day to conduct interviews, be scared to death, write the story, be scared to death, send it in to the editor, be scared to death, and
  • (Sunday) had four, yup, count ’em, FOUR kids in the nursery at church on Sunday, loved it (yes, really!), but I was exhausted by the experience, and
  • (Monday) started a weight lifting program (for the third time, so I know how this goes!) and did such a great job on the first day destroying my quads that I am seriously considering installing a pair of handrails on either side of my toilet.

Once I sat down in my chair Monday evening, I had a hard time getting back up, so I went to Day 7 of the e-course and was able to fly through to Day 11 in no time at all. Why? Because these are things I have been working on for a LONG time already. I’ll go through them quickly:

  • DAY 7: Be Patient. Part of the patience practice was to wait in long lines. This is something I excel at. Seriously. So, on to the next…
  • DAY 8: Don’t Make Comparisons. No, I’m not really the type to compare myself to The Jones’, so really nothing to worry about there.
  • DAY 9: Appreciate Yourself. I enjoyed the visualization practice of seeing yourself through the eyes of another. Very instructive.
  • DAY 10: Find Support. Holy cow! Do I ever have THIS down! O how I love, love, LOVE my dear, supportive family and friends!
  • DAY 11: Watch Out for Perfectionism. I have to laugh, I actually have a quote about perfectionism written on my bathroom wall and I call myself a “recovering perfectionist.” No real discoveries here.

Now we are up to DAY 12: Take a bow. And not just any bow, a circus clown bow.

“Matt Smith, a wonderful Seattle improv teacher and solo performer, taught me a liberating game that can be used as a response to a personal screw-up. He calls it “the Circus Bow.” Matt claims this is how circus clowns deal with a slip in their routines. Instead of shrinking and berating himself silently with “Oh, no, I really blew it!” the clown turns to the crowd on one side and takes a magnificent bow with his hands extended and his arms high in the air, proclaiming “Ta-dah!” as if he had just pulled off a master stunt. He then turns to face the other side of the audience and repeats the bow, “Ta-dah!” Doing it in both directions allows him a 360-degree view of where he is.” —Patricia Ryan Madson in Improv Wisdom

Bwah-hahaha! I ADORE this one! I can’t wait to use it!


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “Clowning Around & Catching Up”

  1. Again I’m wanting a video – that would be a lot of fun to see. And we’d get to see your hair too!

    I don’t do so well with patience or support. I just don’t reach out to other people very much. I should work on that!

  2. I have perfected the circus clown bow. No disrespect to Day 11 of course. The other two choices were cry or wet my pants. Obviously it was an easy decision. Add with it “It don’t get no better’n ‘at,folks,” “I’m a natural,” as I point to my head, or “We just can’t have nice things ’round here,” “Donations are accepted. Plates’re in the rear by both exits,” and I could seriously take my life on the road.

    Handrails around the toilet…now THAT”S funny! Whenever I push it too hard, I always stand there dumbfounded thinking “How’d this happen?”

  3. Hmm. I like the idea of this circus bow. I wonder how it would go over in church if I stood in front of the altar, raised my hands and instead of saying, “The Lord be with you,” went “Ta-dah!” I can hear the shocked silence now, hee hee hee.

  4. Great post; I need to learn to bow!

    • Hmmm, I gotta call bullshit on this one, Diane. Come on! You KNOW how to bow, you’ve been doing it since you were a kid belting out Broadway hits in your basement with your skates on! (Yes, I remember *g*) Oh, thought maybe you didn’t bow that extravagantly with skates on, too dangerous. LOL

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