Failure to Yield

Day 14 of the Catalysts for Change e-course asked that I learn to recognize resistance whenever I encounter it.

The photograph I took yesterday afternoon during my walk is a classic example of someone failing to yield even to the warning that the need to yield is ahead.

The driver of the car that ran this sign down veered off course, sank his tires deeply into the soft shoulder and, if you could see up ahead, was quite nearly caught and swallowed whole by the soft hill before he stopped to right himself.

“What power it takes to move one habit — as AA recovery groups have shown; just as it takes power to move one shovelful of dirt from here to there. Little wonder that power can be most simply defined in terms of work done. Work is so hard, the power required so great because of the resistance factor. And that is why changes are so difficult to achieve and so miraculous when they do occur. And also why quick change is suspicious, for unless the pattern of resistance itself has been altered, the change remains whitewash and wallpaper. The underlying stone walls remain stuck in their statis and want to stay that way.” —James Hillman in Kinds of Power

Learning to stay the course and resist distractions, to stay awake and aware while looking deep within, to welcome Change as an Adventure. To recognize Resistance as an invitation to use newly developed strength and courage and wisdom. This is my call.

And most important of all, to learn to love what seems unlovable. To love myself, to love others, to love. To simply love.

~ by Kimberly Mason on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “Failure to Yield”

  1. And how perfect is this photo? I mean, really.

    You are one amazing woman. And this is a very hard job you’ve been given. Go easy on yourself. AND IT CAN WORK. it’s okay to feel a little snarky at times, but it is definitely possible to part with grace. Did I mention my ex-husband came to visit us this summer, bringing his third wife? What happened, happened. It’s over, we moved on.

    Now if i could only convince my stepmother of that…

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