True Love, True Forgiveness, True Peace

I love the way Diane Walker in her Contemplative Photography blog leads me down sychronicitous paths of spiritual understanding. I cannot count the number of times I have been working through a spiritual concern or growth issue and I turn to her blog and, yup, there it is: a full analysis of the problem, complete with quotes from spiritual gurus, illustrated with a beautifully crafted image of her own creation and accompanied by a poem.

God is such a charming, interesting guy, eh? His people? Uh.Maze.Ing! Utterly amazing.

Yesterday Diane posted this Eckhart Tolle quote:

“If peace mattered to you more than anything else and if you truly knew yourself to be spirit rather than a little me, you would remain nonreactive and absolutely alert when confronted with challenging people or situations. You would immediately accept the situation and thus become one with it rather than separate yourself from it. Then out of your alertness would come a response. Who you are (consciousness), not who you think you are (a small me) would be responding. It would be powerful and effective and would make no person or situation into an enemy.” (from Oneness With All Life)

When drama enters your life, when people behave poorly toward you, when they act less than honorably, how do you react? Jesus told us to love our neighbor, turn the other cheek. Easier said than done, right?

Prying myself out of a Constant State of Righteous Indignation and into a Peaceful State of Forgiveness & Love seems to be my life’s current lesson. It’s a struggle, to be sure, but I truly believe that it is going to be worth the struggle.

A few years ago a church in North Carolina had everything they owned stolen. They responded to the thief (or thieves) quickly and through every form of media that they could, see the billboard ad below as just one example:

Now, I have a pretty good idea what you may be thinking about this church, and I have a pretty good idea that what you are thinking is wrong (and aren’t you glad for that!).

Take a moment and watch this video and find out how this church responded to the thief…


~ by Kimberly Mason on February 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “True Love, True Forgiveness, True Peace”

  1. Just remember you’re not alone. And I’m cheering your bravery!

  2. Diane’s writing is so rich that I sometimes have to pace myself going to her blog! I could spend an entire day reflecting on what she writes, and I just don’t have that kind of life!!! I think we can all resonate with the call to live more peacefully and presently, resist less and simply “be.” It’s a daily challenge, but every step forward moves us closer to incarnating what we desire. Cheering from afar!

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