Monday in Holy Week: Recognition, Love & Admiration

I created this image late last night and placed it on my One Year Here blog. I carried it with me to bed, I dreamed of it, and I awoke with it on my mind. The image and words remained so strong in my mind, that when I picked up Joan Chittister’s The Story of Ruth to read my morning’s meditation I wondered if Joan would continue in this theme. And you know she did:

Chapter 7: Recognition
“. . .As women we have long known what it is to be competent and at the same time invisible. In fact, invisibility has been made into a virtue as well as a social role for a woman. . .The inconspicuous, unobtrusive woman — the support staff of the world — is the popular image, the social ideal. . .

“The truth is that recognition is the flame that warms the center of every heart. . .Recognition is society’s way of telling people that they are valued, that their work is necessary, that their efforts are honored, that their life has been noticed.”

Joan Chittister goes on to talk about women who work to build up their homes and communities through health care, education, volunteerism, etc., and receive little, if any, recognition (and half of a social security check, when the day is over and the husband is gone).

Do you know someone (whether man or woman) who deserves recognition today? Send him a card! Send her an email! Celebrate them with the enthusiasm of a Labrador Retriever! Reach out and touch someone!

“When you give recognition and admiration away you are participating in the very essence of the Love of God. You are the incarnation of the Spirit of Comfort. You are the very image of the Peace of Christ.” -Me.

And now, please listen carefully: YOU ARE LOVED! Believe.

~ by Kimberly Mason on March 29, 2010.

One Response to “Monday in Holy Week: Recognition, Love & Admiration”

  1. Perhaps women were so drawn to Christ’s message because he DID recognize them in a world where they truly were invisible. It is so hard to believe that it took nearly 2000 years for women to be recogized again in the Church. Actually, it’s appalling!

    Good post!!

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