It’s all about Time & Energy & Focus

You want to be less driven and more meditative in your everyday life; you want to be happier, healthier, more connected with your children, your husband, your grandchildren or neighbors. You want more of this, so you can have less of that. More peace, less anxiety; more love, less hate; more more, less less.

Me too. We all do. The problem is, it all takes time and energy and focus — the holy trinity of Mindful Living. And in a world where so many things push and pull at us at once:

  • the television is on in the background, we hear the words “Breaking News” and we are instantly drawn away from the work at hand and focused on the television set and we feel alarmed but excited;
  • a car drives by shaking the earth with its deep bass and motor growl, and we spend the next 5 minutes internally raging about kids nowadays and how they destroy our peace with their noise and we feel righteously indignant;
  • and then the computer emits a barely audible ding-dong to let us know that a new email has arrived and we gleefully jump up to see who needs us where and for what and we feel important.

These are all examples of how our world — a world we have mostly created for ourselves by choice — interrupts our time, zaps our energy and steals focus from what we say — and please, pay attention here — what we SAY we would rather be spending our time, energy and focus.

As you start or continue your day today, ask yourself this: What, who or where would I like to devote your time, energy and focus today? What can I turn off or tune out or take away from my life to give me more time and energy and focus for the things/people/events that truly feed me and nurture my soul?

It’s all about choices. All of it. Make a conscious choice today. Choose where you place your time, energy and focus.

~ by Kimberly Mason on April 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “It’s all about Time & Energy & Focus”

  1. So we’ve got Dr. Who on the TV. We’re doing laundry. I’m getting ready to eat a WW dinner at my computer while I read blogs. I’m guessing I need to do a bit of work on my choices!

  2. I so enjoy visiting your blog. You always give me something to think about. And thanks for mentioning the book, The Story of Ruth. I have had that on my shelf for years so I have pulled it out this weekend to begin readinig. We never know which of our words will penetrate the lives of others.

    • You are welcome and you are so right! I often buy a book and let it linger on the shelf. I used to feel guilty about it — not just because I feel like I’ve spent good money on something I’m not using, but because I know I need to KNOW, I need to learn what’s in that book. But I’ve discovered that WHEN I read it is less important…that I wasn’t ready to learn what it had to tell me yet. Ha, I’m looking at a few of those books right in front of me right now…and now when I look at them instead of guilt I can feel a sense of anticipation and excitement, looking forward to that moment when I AM ready. 🙂

      Hey, thanks for the Peace you sent me this morning along with your comments. It’s almost magical!


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