A Prayer of Tears: Joy & Sorrow

I found this image in the grass in my front yard early this morning. It fit so well with today’s meditation reading with Edward Hays, in Pray All Ways.

It seemed that I had found a million teardrops in front of me. My heart, overflowing, reached out in empathy and love.

I know, it seems silly. It’s dewdrops, not tears.

But there are tears of joy as well as sadness. And these tears of nature seemed to say, “Look! The sun is out, the grass is beautifully green and lively and, I, the dew — a gift of God! — adorn us all with diamonds of light!”

“Tears are the prayer-beads of all of us, men and women, because they arise from a fullness of heart.” -Edward Hays, Pray All Ways

I felt that “fullness of heart” this morning as I arose from my chair after reading the morning’s emails. As I stood up, so did my faithful dog Buddy. I smiled at him, my very heart was smiling at him as I reached out to him with both hands and my forehead met his in soft greeting.

Buddy felt my heart overflowing, I am sure of it. He drew back from me to gently sniff my eyes to see if there were tears. Whether Buddy knows that my tears mean that I am in need of extra love and attention from him, or whether he just looks at my tears as a chance for extra love and attention from me, I’ll never really know for sure. But I do know that my tears soften him, gentle him.

“When we in our daily lives events touch us deeply and we begin to feel that growing fullness that is the overture of tears, we can let go and flow with the Prayer of the Heart instead of fighting for control.  Not attempting to speak of even to form appropriate words, we can simply pray the Prayer of Tears.” -Edward Hays, Pray All Ways

And Buddy always just lets me cry. He doesn’t try to “shush” me or become uncomfortable with my tears. He leans into them with me. He stays with me through them — silent, alert, waiting.

“Also, when others are tearful, we can relax and be comfortable with them. For the person who is not crying and is with one who is, tears are a source of distress. Usually we attempt to help the crying person stop because it will make us feel better! As the distressful situation is removed, we feel relieved. . .But if we could view our tears as prayers, the next time we are with persons who are crying, we can let them cry as long and as hard as they wish and join them by our silent but supportive presence.” -Edward Hays, Pray All Ways

Hmmm, Buddy the WonderDog already knows this, it seems. Such wisdom covered in black fur…


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “A Prayer of Tears: Joy & Sorrow”

  1. I know I can be very uncomfortable with someone who is crying (& myself, if I’m not alone). I tend to want to say something that makes them smile. I’ll try to remember to just be a supportive presence the next time.

  2. I used to have to bribe my horse to let me cry on him. I had to feel better before the hay ran out and had to endure his sighs. He was such a poor put-upon pony! LOL

    • My horse too! I can remember wrapping my arms around his neck and crying into his mane. He would stand still for a while and let me cry it out, then stomp a foot impatiently, then another, then bend his neck down as if to threaten to nip my backside if I didn’t dry up. 😀

  3. Sometime I think that the hardest thing to do is just keep silent when someone else is sad — not ignoring them, but letting their emotion breathe. Animals know how to do that, and it can be such a comfort.

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