Moving from Knowledge into Truth

I have been reading from The Naked Now by Richard Rohr for my morning’s meditative reading. It is slow going for me. There is so much to digest at one time, I am amazed at the depths he can pack into just a few simple — or not-so-simple — sentences.

But it is time well spent, even if I am sometimes spiritually in over my head. I have to concentrate, I have to be willing to plod along, to allow the text to unfold into an understanding that reaches not just my head, but my heart and even down into my gut. This takes time. It is a process, a journey, not a destination.

Listen to what he says about the conversion experience:

“True and full conversion (head, heart, gut) does not really happen until the new program is in the hard-wiring and becomes a permanent and ‘natural’ trait rather than a one-time emotion. This process takes most of one’s life, and is actually the very task of life and of contemplation. This difference partially explains the widespread disillusionment with people today who claim to be religiously converted. Many seem to have some kind of genuine spiritual breakthrough, but never get around to the intellectual, lifestyle, and ethical implications that often take years to recognize and integrate.”

Hmmm, that sounds like a LOT of work. But the benefits, just imagine…

~ by Kimberly Mason on April 16, 2010.

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