What Would You Do?

I went out to feed my birds this morning and was greeted by hundreds of tiny spiders. They were all congregated on one corner of the wooden box where I keep my bird food.

My first thought is “Eeeeek! Spiders!!!” And then, “Aw, look at the baby spiders…”

And then my mind starts to wander and wonder. What are they doing here? They weren’t here yesterday.

Should I open the lid to feed the birds? I will surely crush a few spiders no matter how carefully I open and close the lid.

I can hear the distinctive “thup thup thup” of the incoming diners as they arrive, one by one, landing in the branches of the rhododendrons behind me. They’re hungry and are expecting their breakfast. I need to make a decision about my new little friends, the spiders.

Should I kill them all? Should I leave them alone? Should I gather them together and move them to another place?

I have an unspoken agreement (“unspoken” only because, well, I don’t speak Spiderish, Snakini or Mousese) with creepy, crawly creatures: You don’t come into my house, I’ll leave you alone. But once you enter my doorway, you are fair game.

What would you do? Kill them? How? Close your eyes and hope they are gone tomorrow? Relocate them?

~ by Kimberly Mason on May 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “What Would You Do?”

  1. eeee-eyew. Those baby spiders will reproduce expodentially, then you will have your own version of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Relocate as many as you can, remove the bird food and fumigate. Much too close to the Kim Castle to take a chance.

  2. Oh, deer. I’m afraid I agree. Too close to the house.

    But then, I’ve just spent two days dealing with a post-wedding ant infestation in my kitchen, and I’m feeling pretty ruthless. It’s not very zen of me, but I kill every ant I see because each one that successfully finds the sugar and makes it back to the nest means a zillion more will follow.


  3. I’m sorry – my first thoughts were NOT about spider preservation! Freak out was closer… And I’m not usually afraid of creepy crawlies. But what if these are related to Hagrid’s spider friend? Yikes! I agree with Pat – stop them now!

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