When you start to see the Beauty…

It’s when you start to see the beauty in everyone else, that you are able to truly see the beauty within yourself.

It’s easy. Try it.

When you can look at the face, the flawed face of friend, and you see how very beautiful they are, then stop. Imagine. Imagine that friend looking at you.

Can you see yourself? Can you see how very beautiful you are?

And look. Can you see the color of your eye? Or maybe the laugh lines, the soft crinkle of line caused from a thousand giggles. Can you see the shimmer of kindness or the wrinkle of worry in your own brow? Can you see what might be loved, what might be honored, what might be cherished, if only you would let it be loved?

A dear friend told me today that this, my front yard, looks like shit.

And yes, it does. And I have to laugh. I have to laugh because I also love this front yard.

As I was walking to my mailbox the other day I walked through knee high grass—cursing, shamed, embarrassed, frustrated. My head hung down, I shuffled my way to the street.

I opened my mailbox, retrieved my mail and turned back toward the house.

As I turned I looked up and I saw this. And it was beautiful. It was shining. It was glorious.

Yes, it was beautiful and I cried. I called my Daddy and I told him how very beautiful it is and was and how I am so grateful that he has given me this view.

It is so very green and so very blue and so very beautiful.

And as I sit and as I type and as I cry I have a dog that cannot stand to hear me cry without lending his love and leaning his side heavily against mine.

It’s so very beautiful.

And this, the woman with the wonky eye (hey, Anne). This, the woman that I have always had such a hard time loving … she is so very loved.

You see, when I look through the eyes of those that love me, I see beauty. My own eyes, well, they don’t see anything redeemable, they don’t see anything worth keeping or looking at or listening to.

But to the eyes of those that love me?

I’m beautiful.

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” –Anne Lamott

~ by Kimberly Mason on June 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “When you start to see the Beauty…”

  1. I used to live in the middle of a field in a farmhouse with a door that wouldn’t lock….I had a four month old beautiful baby boy and my husband had moved on. We called my place Dogpatch….That was an important time of growth for me and my little boy…he’s nearly 40 now and still bright and joyful. I’m fascinated by your place, but hey….can’t you week wack a spot for yourself in the to grow a few flowers or sit at a table with your tea? Uhoh….I think I’m mothering you!

    • Oh my, what a beautifully written comment! I’m strengthened by it. And touched. And lifted! And such a good idea! I’ll pick up some flower at the farmer’s market today to grow in my front porch.

      I think I’ve been to Dogpatch, USA. Driving from one grandma’s house in the Ozarks of Missouri to another grandma’s house in Hope, Arkansas. We’re sisters in truth. :o(-)

  2. Wow! just WOW!

  3. Well, sure I think YOU’RE beautiful, but I still don’t know about me 🙂

  4. So hard, isn’t it, to love that face in the mirror. I keep looking into her eyes, trying to see the love shining back. But… not there yet. Sigh. But it’s sure easy to see the beauty in YOU!

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