It’s not about attaining balance, it’s about balancing.

I’m still reading through Patricia Ryan Madson’s improv wisdom (for the second time) a chapter a week.

Last week I told myself that I needed TWO weeks to let the “pay attention” chapter settle in … but in reality, I needed another week of courage gathering before I read the next chapter, “face the facts – the seventh maxim.” Or, perhaps, the time just wasn’t right. If I had read her words a week earlier I might not have understood them as well.

Actually, “understood” is too soft a term.

If I had read that chapter a week earlier then the words may not have grabbed me by the lapels, thrown me on the floor, gotten nose to nose with me and said, “How’s THAT for an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment, Babe?”

“…Even if we succeed in finding solid ground for a while, we can depend on the fact that it will eventually change; rocky terrain is unavoidable and may even be the path to something wonderful. ‘We can count on chaos,’ I tell my students. American Zen writer Alan Watts, clearly an improviser in spirit, named one of his books The Wisdom of Insecurity. He knew that life is all about balancing, not about being balanced…”improv wisdom, Patricia Ryan Madson

Ah ha! I had been thinking that I needed to attain balance, but it’s more about going with the flow, being able to adjust, surfing the waves that inevitably come our way, “embracing the wobble,” as Patricia calls it.

There is no shame in losing your balance, the shame (or pain) lies in refusing to acknowledge the wave.

Face the Facts:

  • Don’t fight reality.
  • Accept other people as they are.
  • Work with what you have been given.
  • What are the facts? You are probably not noticing all of them.
  • Embrace the wobble.
  • Insecurity is normal. Count on it.

Go buy the book, you won’t be sorry. (Btw, Diane’s reading it, have you heard?)

~ by Kimberly Mason on August 24, 2010.

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