Giving of Ourselves

My grandson visited for 24 hours this weekend. It was 24 hours of total immersion into the life of this child. Buddy the Wonderdog and JesseDog and I were all focused and constantly aware of each and every sound and gesture from our little Braxzon.

Buddy shared his toys. The gray lump of matted fur you see in the baby’s lap is Buddy’s second most prized toy (his large and very squeaky Tree Snake is his current favorite).

“Here!” he would say in a doggy growl, “Take my toy and see what joy it gives us both when you throw it for me to chase! See how it squeaks when you push on it. Delightful! Delightful! Delightful!”

Buddy doesn’t share his toys with just anyone. If you are a guest in our house, you can be assured that he will share toys number three and below, but never toys one and two. Never the top favorites.

Watching Buddy share and give so freely — with me chasing after the giving and the taking of the gifts with baby wipes and wash cloths — was a lesson in giving.

So how, I ask, does Buddy know that this tiny human is worthy of the best he can give? Or was it really a question of the baby being worthy? This was a lesson in radical hospitality that I am still pondering…

~ by Kimberly Mason on September 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Giving of Ourselves”

  1. Radical hospitality – a concept I should consider more often. I tend to be selfish with my most loved “stuff” too.

  2. What a sweet picture and post!! Nothing better than a lab who loves his family and thinks of children as his pups!

  3. Let’s hear for radical hospitality – a darling story! xo

  4. I am being challenged these days in the “giving of self” department. Some giving is really easy. Like time and attention and hugs galore to a baby. To my dogs. To people I know and like and love. But I’ve been very selfish with my time, as well. I don’t know where that selfishness comes from (well, maybe I do, I think it’s called resentment, and that’s a loooonnnnnggg conversation), but I know that it doesn’t work well, fit well, and has consequences that do nothing but cause trouble. I read the title of your post and came here anyway, LOL! I guess it was time to hold up a mirror and maybe deal with this monster. Are you available to come scrape up the pieces later?

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