Jesus, the Firehouse & the Pregnant Lady

I took Jesus with me to the firehouse on Saturday. I was covering a 9/11 commemoration.

Jesus stayed in the car, but I just felt better knowing he was there.

They read the names of all the fallen firefighters and police officers, and even one K-9 cop.

It was a quiet ceremony, it was sparsely attended, but it seemed, after all, to be just right.

It was a weekend of celebrating those who serve. I had many opportunities to observe those serving.

I started at the firehouse, then went to a park to talk to some Mormons clearing old trails that haven’t seen the light since the 2007 flood waters made them impassable.

On my way to my daughter’s house, I stopped to talk to a crew painting the home of an elderly veteran. They were having a great time.

And then I dropped by the Extreme Build project to see the progress there.

Andrea has been on her feet for days, orchestrating the work on that wonderful project.(She’s not fat, she’s pregnant!)

Her husband is blurry eyed.  And yesterday, they presented (along with 145 other sponsoring businesses and individuals and countless other volunteers) a wonderful family with a brand new home.

There are those all around us that are serving. We just have to look to see them. They are, indeed, everywhere.

~ by Kimberly Mason on September 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Jesus, the Firehouse & the Pregnant Lady”

  1. That sounds like a fabulous day. Why am I not one of those volunteers?

  2. Silly Kim, Jesus didn’t stay in the car — he was out there in the hearts of everyone you met.

  3. –A very touching blog Kimberly….as a Canadian, reading your writing helps me to realize the connection between the people of our countries…..

  4. I agree with one of your other commenters – Jesus DEFINITELY did not stay in the car:) My husband is chaplain to our EMS/Fireworkers here in town. They are angels called EMS workers!

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