Encouragement for my Writing Friends…

I had a sticky note beside my keyboard that said “melodramatic & self-indulgent.”

HAD. I have it there no longer.

It was there to remind me that I should try not to be either one of those things as I write stories for the local daily. Today, I have decided that those words describe me wonderfully and they are part of who I am and so why not just let me be me?

I can only look at Life and its Stories from my point of view, with my emotions and loves and dreams.

And the melodrama? When I found this in a book I’ve been reading, The Art of Feature Writing: From Newspaper Features and Magazine Articles to Commentary, by Earl R. Hutchison:

“Freelancers do not write in a vacuum. Their work requires them to become involved with others, with people making news of local interest as well as with those making history. To perform effectively, they must be good listeners and reflective thinkers.

“Freelance writers write not only for themselves, but for a specific audience. To fill that audience’s information needs, it’s important to develop keen powers of observation, curiosity, and skepticism. Those provide you with a broader understanding of human nature and the sensitivity to pick up on more subtle expressions of emotions. These traits help you cultivate sources, expand research skills, and compose features, articles, and commentary with objectivity and credibility.

“This text teaches you how to embrace the craft and artistry of prose, fiction and poetry in freelance writing. Since poetry is the highest form of writing, you should aspire to be as poetic in your writing as the subject matter and audience can bear.

I decided I could (and should) be my melodramatic self and indulge my love of beauty and emotion. ♥

~ by Kimberly Mason on September 16, 2010.

One Response to “Encouragement for my Writing Friends…”

  1. EEK! Maybe…MAYBE I can. Wow. Why is it that being YOURSELF seems so much harder than pretending to be someone else?

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