What I’ve been (and still am) thinking about…

I have applied to the Sisters of St. Gregory. My application has been accepted and I have entered into a Year of Discernment.

During this year, I will be working — through prayer and contemplation — to determine if the Sisters are for me and I am for them. In August, if I decide to proceed, I will visit with the Sisters in New York during their annual summer convocation where I will be interviewed.

The Sisters are:

“… a canonically recognized community of women in the Episcopal Church who have been called together by God to live the vowed life in a diversity of styles and spiritualities in the world.

“We live intentionally dispersed, coming together twice a year for convocation, retreat, business, fellowship and worship.

“We are women of prayer; lovers of God; servants of the holy, catholic and apostolic Church. The community is comprised of lay and clergy, young and old, married, widowed, divorced, single, or partnered. Some live in families, some apart.

“We bear witness in the church and in the world that the universal call to holiness may still be experienced as a vocation of uncommon attentiveness to the things of God. Though fully aware of our brokenness and spiritual poverty, we invite and nurture the indwelling of the Holy Trinity in our hearts, as we pray to be bowls of compassion poured out for a broken world, and participants in God’s recreation of all things.”

I have had this in mind for almost two years. I want this. I want to live a vowed life, and I want to live in community — but I want to live in the community of which I am already a member. I love my home and family and my parish. I want to stay here.

But I also want more. Hmmm, all of this “I want.” It’s not really the best way to put it. I feel called. It’s a very loud call … I just haven’t always listened.

So now I am listening and I am praying for the discernment of my path.

When you think of me — IF you think of me — would you partner with me in praying?

For some reason I am finding it hard to ask for that help. Maybe that is why I haven’t posted, why I have been so very quiet.

Anyway, thank you for the love and the peace I feel from you — even through the fear I feel in asking. I am grateful for you.

Breathing Love,


~ by Kimberly Mason on October 23, 2010.

7 Responses to “What I’ve been (and still am) thinking about…”

  1. Oh this is YOU – of course on the outside looing in it’s easy for me to say 🙂 But, really – if anyone had told me about this society my first thought would have been “KIM!”

    P.S. well SURE I’ll pray!

  2. Congratulations Kimberly….a life with intention….a sacramental life….what I want too, but I will never do as you are doing I know. However, I’m so pleased and happy for you, a stranger I feel I’m able to support in prayer. I’m so glad they are able to have you live the life of intention you wish to live in your home community. How wise of them. I have a vision that by the end of my life, it will be a prayer….have you read Etty Hillismen’s book….it’s a little depressing but very good to know about her life. I’m sure you’ll hear her referred to in the future, if you haven’t already. She had a great desire to be in constant prayer. I think that’s what all your thinking has been about!

  3. So happy to read that you had been accepted by Sisters of St. Gregory. I will gladly pray for you during your time of discernment.

  4. Kim, of course I have seen this coming, although I thought it would be Benedictine. I believe this year of discernment will reveal that you are on the right path, and will pray for you as you proceed.

  5. Wow, Kim, this is huge. To live a vowed life… Many prayers on your discernment path. And lots of hugs and love as well.

  6. Oh, sweetie; it feels so right. You know I’ll be right there praying with you. I’ll even come down to your part of the world and pray with you; just call and I’ll be there. Seriously. It’s so right for you to explore this — whatever the answer may be.

  7. I will pray with you Kim. I love you so much.

    Unca Reese

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