The Edge of Emptiness

“Prayer begins at the edge of emptiness.” ~Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
On the Following the Star daily devotional website today:
“People of faith are not unrealistic. We know that the world can be a dark place.

But we also know that the darkness is not all. There is a reason to hope, because there is a light always shining.

Watch now for the light…and have your hope renewed.”

~ by Kimberly Mason on November 29, 2010.

One Response to “The Edge of Emptiness”

  1. Children seem to understand Advent, with our help of course…it’s difficult not to get caught up in “instant gratification” and Advent and the “joyful expectation” it brings can be a wonderful time for families to enjoy waiting and preparing together. A brilliant catechist shared this idea with us and my daughter loved it. We’d get the Creche out and set it up in a place accessible to her little hands..and actually she followed through with this for many years. At the beginning only the animals and the straw were in the stable….then Mary and Joseph appeared and started walking toward the stable…(all the others were waiting behind the creche for their “time”. As Christmas Eve came upon us finally the Baby and Mary and Joseph and the Shepherd and Angel arrived….then on Epiphany the 3 wise men made it to the stable too…..they were visible and walking for awhile. Really, it was so nice to walk by the Creche and see the slow movements of The Holy Family and the animals being rearranged…camels arriving etc. Ah….I know…the sentimentality of it all…

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