What I Want: a Prayer

I seem to have quite a theme brewing. Maybe it is a theme for this week, perhaps it is a theme for this year.

The theme seems to involve (1) women, (2) particularly old women, (3) particularly old, strong women, (4) most particularly old, strong, divine women, and even (5) more particularly, old, strong, divine women in a community of sisters who are also old, strong and divine women. What a theme!

At morning prayer yesterday (according to the BCP daily office lectionary) we started into the Book of Ruth. Ruth! Such a wonderful story. While I travel through the Book of Ruth, I am also going to wander my way back through Sr. Joan Chittister’s “The Story of Ruth: Twelve Moments in Every Woman’s Life.” An amazing book. I adore Joan.

I am looking at this book for a possible Lenten discipline: Open the Door: A Journey to the True Self. Have any of you read it? Read anything by Joyce Rupp? What say you … ?

~ by Kimberly Mason on February 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “What I Want: a Prayer”

  1. I think it’s the one thing I adore about heading into my 50’s soon… the knowledge that I am so much stronger and capable then I’ve ever been, and that I am finally, yes finally, enough.

    • You’re enough and *MORE*!! More because you don’t just have a noticeable “height” in your standing in this world — something the world always looks for and desires to attain — but you also have *depth* and *breadth*.

      You are amazing!!!!! I am amazing too. Aren’t we all just so frickin’ amazing!?! (We have snow today, I can’t help being so cheerful. 🙂 )

  2. I have read Joyce Rupp’s Walk in a Relaxed Manner and enjoyed it. I say go for it!

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