Being Green Again …

The bud in this photo is on one of the two apple trees my son Stosh planted for me last month. I’m very excited to see that life is, indeed, within the dark branches. I had begun to lose hope.

God has a plan for this tree, just as he has a plan for me. And it isn’t that he has been sitting around, leaning over his desk, going over the paperwork involved in the planning of my life or of the life in this tree — at least that isn’t my vision (and what do I know?) of what “God’s Plan” is like.

I think that God set forth a plan, and before the beginning of light even emerged from the darkness, he had set in place everything that was needed to for us — each of us, from apple tree buds to me to saints, kings and mountains, rivers, oceans and dust motes — everything we needed to find him.

We just have to open ourselves.


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 12, 2011.

One Response to “Being Green Again …”

  1. Lovely – the bud and the thought. Thanks!

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