It Just Is …

It is hard for me to find a way to respond to the news, the “celebration,” of Osama bin Laden’s death … this is the way, the only way I know how, to respond. Sadness.

… from Rumi’s Response to Your Questions

… Forget the nonsense categories
of there and here.
Race and nation and religion.
Starting point and destination.

You are soul and you are love,
not a sprite or an angel or a human being.
You are a Godman-womanGod-manGod-Godwoman.

No more questions now
as to what it is we are doing here.

~ by Kimberly Mason on May 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “It Just Is …”

  1. Jesus wept. It is the only response for me, too. Please know that you are not alone in this. Everywhere I turn, there are people, many people, who are feeling the same sadness. I will not clutter your page with arguments and opinions I have expressed elsewhere. Suffice it to say that the man is dead, and I do not mourn him. But my heart is broken for this country, and my mind is filled with anxiety over what the future holds. A safer world? I think not.

  2. Me too.

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