A Little Pressure is Necessary

Life is full of pressure and pain. There are deadlines, hurts, illnesses, people treating you unkindly, tornadoes, wars, gossip, death. All the time. Everywhere.

And there is the pressure to be different than you are. All the time. Everywhere.

Everywhere you look you see ads whispering to you that you can be much more than you are now, if only you would listen to them and buy what they have.

Commercials shouting to you that bliss is just around the corner and you can have it in 6 easy payments.

But you know better. You know that bliss is never to be had without struggle and pain. Without wading waist deep through the mire of bullshit quick-fixes that this world piles high around us, you won’t even get close to happiness.

Happiness is hard work. That’s what they don’t tell you, that’s what they don’t know. Happiness is hard, hard work.

And it’s the wanting, the constant wanting to be something different than you are, to have something different than you have, the constant wanting that keeps us ever at arms length from Joy in What Is.

You want to lose weight, I know I do. We are constantly wanting to be a different size than we are. Wanting it so much that we can’t enjoy who we are at this very moment.

And what would happen if you gave up wanting to be thinner? Would you suddenly become an out-of-control glutton hitting every drive-thru from home to work and back again until you could no longer fit behind the wheel and would have to ride the bus until you were so large that you couldn’t get on the bus and you’d lose your job and your world would crumble and collapse into itself from the shame of it all?

I doubt it.

Try giving up wanting to be something different for a day — or maybe for a day at a time. Let the pressures of life mold you and shape you. It’s enough. You’re enough.


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 30, 2011.

7 Responses to “A Little Pressure is Necessary”

  1. I picked up Emerson’s “Self Reliance” the other day; I don’t agree with some of what he says but one of his themes is to be yourself, screw trying to be what others think you should be. You’ve said the same thing here, in your own wonderful voice.

    • I have been stewing on these thoughts for a while now. I wonder if we said, “Screw it!” and just be who we are if we wouldn’t be BETTER than the little us that is ashamed and pressured into “behaving.” Aren’t we civil at heart? Are we good because we make ourselves be good? Or are we good because we are, as God made us, good. (Basically, 😛 ) I’m still working on it …

    • I surely wish I really knew what I was talking about. I like Answers (yes, capital “A” answers).

  2. When I think of how much time and energy I wasted on trying to please everyone but me… it makes me sad. Thank God that once I hit 40 I FINALLY got it. No, I’m not everything I sometimes think I should be, but most days, I am fully enough. I finally know who I am, I am not afraid of my voice, and I can own all my bumps and warts with love.

  3. This is reminding me of Geneen Roth’s path to weight loss – throw away the scale & get to know yourself. Is that really so scary that you have to self-medicate with food? No!

  4. Hi Kimberly!

    Your post made me think of my prayer said constantly that I be what God wants me to be….having the feeling that I’m so far from being what he or she wants me to be…..what a waste of my time here and yet I can’t shake the feeling, that so much more is expected.

    I know part of the answer to my longing to be more is to just be…like your little bird….to just be a creature on the earth…and stop the thinking, the longing, the struggling….and yet it’s such a part of the human condition.
    Oh, I don’t know!

    • So much wisdom in you! “Waste of time?” Ha! If you are only half the inspiration to people in Real Life as you are to me in BlogLand, then you certainly lend strength to the strugglers.

      Peace be with you! ♥Kim

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