Creative Minds Need Space

“A creative mind must be given the space to unfold. You cannot squeeze beauty or thought or motion from a creative mind by using the same pressure you use to squeeze juice from grapes. You cannot bottle creativity, put a stopper in it and then release when you desire it. It must be allowed the space to breath and to grow — wildly, willfully and unencumbered.” ~Kimberly Mason, Part-time  Self-Proclaimed Mystic

God our Creator, as I live and move and have my being, help me to see your power and beauty as you summon me into who you made me to be. Call me forth and change my heart, that I may serve you and love you and be grounded in you each day. Amen.

~ by Kimberly Mason on February 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Creative Minds Need Space”

  1. Thank you Kimberly–you’re my important mystic today.

    I will use your “d365” prayer as my lenten prayer to say each morning.

  2. You’re not a self-proclaimed mystic! I proclaim you one too. So that makes you a we-proclaimed mystic!

    Thank you for your words…I’m going to use the grape analogy to some folks who need to know. A girl has gotta have space to twirl!

    Loving you big, Friend. Way big.

  3. […] Ha! Perfect. There is my reason … even if, at times, it seems quite unreasonable and a clear waste of time … and I refuse to judge myself too quickly or too harshly, for nothing is as it seems and creative minds need space. […]

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